Health Benefits of Green Superfood

We’d all like to stay young forever, but with each passing year, old age knocks on our doors just a little louder. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for any edge I can get. A natural and nutritious diet can make it possible to enjoy feeling and looking young for a long time. Supplements like Green Superfood are rich in nutrient content, and high in dietary fiber. These natural supplements can even help cure many health conditions.

Thoughts of green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and peas, remind us of our mother’s lectures on the value of eating vegetables and the importance of a good diet. I know for me, I’m always reminded of Popeye and his love of spinach!

Experts recommend healthy adults eat anywhere from five to nine servings of vegetables per day. We’re so busy in our day-to-day lives that it’s hard to do that. Not sure what you think, but it kind of seems impractical doesn’t it? To lead truly healthy lives though, we need a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet. The fastest and easiest way to get all of these necessary nutrients is in the form of green superfoods.

These foods are really magical. They have a high percentage of chlorophyll, essential nutrients and phytochemicals and provide a  nutritional value that is equal to or greater than ten servings of fruits and vegetables. In some studies they have been shown to fight against degenerative and cardiovascular diseases, and may even increase a person’s lifespan when taken regularly.

Research was conducted on 1,372 wounds and burns that were experimentally induced. 17 different ointments were used on them including chlorophyll. Among all, chlorophyll was found to give, by far, the best result from a healing-standpoint. This tells us that the chlorophyll extracts of plants can help with the development of new skin tissue and heal wounds quickly.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences at a Japanese University also experimented on chlorophyll and reached a similar result- Chlorophyll protects the body by neutralizing body toxins.

There are countless more examples proving the health benefits of these super foods:

Animals can maintain their weight, strength and optimal health by eating cereal grass.

Spirulina is contains strong anti-viral characteristics and is a natural immune system booster.

It would seem that all these years later, I’m realizing Mom was right all along. You really do need to eat all of your vegetables!




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