Athletic Greens BCAA Review

You want to more energy and to burn off more calories and stored fat when you exercise right?

What you might not realize is that your body naturally breaks muscle down during workouts, right alongside stored fat and calories consumed prior to the workout. This is not the effect that you want when trying to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall lifestyle.

That is why B.C.A.A. supplements, such as this one now offered by Athletic Greens, are becoming so popular.

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What are BCAA’s?

Branched Chain Amino Acids. There are eight different amino acids required to create protein, which is an essential component of muscle throughout your body. When you workout and boost your metabolism for improved health and greater energy, your body naturally breaks muscle down in order to make use of the BCAA found within the muscle.

If you take one of these supplements just before your workout, then you can give your body what it needs without allowing it to break down muscle. Many bodybuilders take these supplements before their workouts as well, so they can replace any BCAA that may have been taken from their muscles during their workouts.


The primary benefit of taking a B.C.A.A. supplement is the ability to burn more fat during your workouts, and less muscle. You do not want your muscle to be broken down during workouts, because that leaves less muscle to burn fat during future workouts and provide energy on a daily basis. You want your body to burn stored fat, which makes you thinner, healthier, and far happier with your body.

That is exactly what it does for you! While it is definitely not a magic pill- you do have to extend some effort on your own, the high quality Branched Chain Amino Acids contained in this supplement will make your job much easier. The formula will help burn more fat than you could burn without this assistance, while protecting your muscle from being robbed vital acids. You give the acids freely, so your muscles build up and grow stronger, rather than being ravished.

What Makes Athletic Greens BCAA Supplements Different?

Bodybuilders have been taking supplements containing BCAA for quite some time, so there is a healthy market for this type of supplement. The question is what makes this particular brand so different from all the others. There are three things that put this brand in a class above many others:

1. A proven track record to its dedication to healthy products with natural ingredients.

2. Tested and studied by independent, unbiased third parties to ensure its effectiveness, potency, and purity.

3. Does not include any allergens, anti-nutrients, binding agents, binding chemical additives, food coloring, sweeteners, emulsifiers, or mixing agents.

Athletic Greens established its brand name on providing natural ingredients that are higher quality and purer than most others on the market. That is the reputation they continue to build by ensuring the freshest, purest ingredients in this supplement, and by allowing third parties to study and test their product.

Another difference between this supplement and many others on the market is the lack of other ingredients. This is a pure supplement designed to help your body burn more fat and leave your muscle alone. BCAA is not just one ingredient in a formula designed to do other things. You get the full benefit of the amino acids when you take a pure supplement.

BCAA Customer Testimonials
***customer testimonials taken from the Athletic Greens BCAA official website***

A Network of Goodness

Another benefit is the fact that they come from a line of healthy, natural supplements designed just for athletes and those leading active, busy lives. Just by studying the Athletic Greens product lineup, you will learn about a variety of supplements now being utilized by those interested in a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, muscle building, and a greater sense of well being.

All products from the brand are natural and tested by outside, independent sources, so you can mix and match them according to your health and fitness needs. For instance, just taking the original Healthy Greens formula along with this newer BCAA formula could provide greater energy, enhanced nutrition, and all the amino acids needed to burn fat without burning muscle.

If building muscle or looking more toned and sleek is part of your fitness goal, then you could benefit from taking a this supplement. It’s the healthiest and purest formula on the market right now, so it should be at the top of your research list.

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  1. I would have like to see one of those testimonial videos show the user open the canister and demonstrate how he / she mixes the powder. I know it’s not that big a deal, but it does help to sell the product if you can at least see the powder and the finished shake product. If you’re going to show a product, may as well do it all the way.

    1. Good idea- let’s see if I can post something for you 🙂

  2. I really need to get some of this and try it, I just read the article and where it mentions BCAA and those amino acids are what burns up the fat. I have been trying to get rid of visceral fat for a couple of years now with no success so maybe if I threw an amino acid in there or something then maybe it would finally work out for me.

  3. I am a big time supporter of supplements and if a protein powder or some other type of nutritious meal replacement supplement, all the better. Not everyone has the time to prepare perfectly prepped meals five times a day. Sometimes, persons are just too busy to make such preparations and a vitamin rich shake like greens’ is a great solution for the busy person.

    1. Exactly! That’s totally what makes a supp like AG so great.

  4. I have to admit I agree with Vida, I would not only like to see them mix it and see the finished product but I would also like to see one of them actually drink it right there so that you can see the look on their face to see what they actually think of it. There are something’s you can’t hide when you don’t like the way something tastes.

    1. Ok Ok looks like I’ll have to shoot you guys a video. Will post it soon 🙂

  5. If this is an all around supplement that is filled with the daily essential vitamins as well protein and amino acids needed for muscle recover from workouts, then I would be glad to replace this with the numerous supplements I am currently taking daily. Any feedback that you can provide would be most appreciated.

    1. Betty what else are you taking?

  6. Thank you for answering Kurtis’ comment I appreciate knowing that you should probably take both just in case you are missing something in the shakes. I am becoming a health nut so to speak and I am super conscious of what I eat and how to exercise properly. Thank you for this article to add to my collection, I appreciate any new information I can get.

    1. You’re so welcome and thanks for the kind words! Keep checking back on my blog and I will continue to put up new content!

  7. I would like to know what all Betty is taking myself because I take quite a few supplements myself and would like to stop taking them if this can do the trick. I take an amino acid, vitamins C,D,E,B12 etc. not to mention calcium. If this is a replacement for that please let both of us know. Thank you for the post and your response in the future.

    1. Edward,

      Taking the BCAA’s, along with a multi-vitamin, and a clean, healthy, active lifestyle is all ya really need 🙂

  8. I enlarged the Professional testimonies so that I could read them better and I was shocked that they both gave it such a great review. Have you had any negative comments come in and you just aren’t sharing them with all if us? I always appreciate it when the person that posts the blog is honest and lets people see both good and bad.

    1. Hi Nathan,

      Sure- some people don’t like the BCAA’s or the Athletic Greens shakes. What I find is a lot of the negative reviews are from people that don’t give it long enough to work or from people who lead otherwise unhealthy lifestyles (no exercise, poor eating habits) and think a shake or a few pills are going to be some magic bullet. To me- it’s all about a balanced and healthy lifestyle

  9. This was very interesting I liked the comments as well there are a lot of blogs that won’t leave the blog posts up so people can read them. Thank you so much for doing that because I like to see both good and bad and make up my own mind when it comes to something like this. You have done a great job keep up the good work.

  10. I have tried a lot of shake diets and they just don’t work for me because they don’t keep me full. I am not saying that yours wouldn’t work but I just don’t think I can afford to spend money on it like that with the chance that it would do the same thing as the other shakes that I have tried. Thank you for taking the time to post the information for it though.

  11. Knowing about these essential vitamins and antioxidants to boost the immune system is all good. But what about supplements like chromium picolate, which supposedly are good for boosting the body’s fat burning capabilities? I have taken it before, but I can’t exactly say that it made a huge difference – certainly not one that I could clearly pin point. Are there any supplements on this site which help with boosting the metabolism?

  12. Paula that is so true about all the negativity coming from the people that led unhealthy lifestyles anyway and don’t want to be told they need to change. People are naturally lazy and they don’t like to be told what to do nor do they like being told that they have to give up their favorite foods. Your article has great advice in it thank you so much.

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