The Truth about Supplements and Greens

The health and wellness supplement market brings in billions of dollars a year, and that is distributed between manufacturers, retailers, and even individual online marketers.

There are entire MLM business models founded on the credibility of supplements for weight loss, muscle gain, or other health and fitness goals. The newest products seem to be those promoting green drinks, smoothies, or shakes that are packed with the nutrients from healthy grasses, algae, and other green plants, roots, and vegetables.

Is this just another way to bring in money for the supplement market, or is there more to this? There are two things that must come into play when answering this question:

1. There are valid health reasons to consume green grasses, plants, and leafy vegetables.

2. Not all supplements are as beneficial as others.

So, the best way to answer the question is to say that there green foods are not a passing fad that should be ignored, but you have to choose your green supplements with care. Some are of very high quality and are made with the healthiest plant sources to ensure maximum benefits. Others are of lower quality and may not be as beneficial.

This is standard for the supplement market as a whole, but it is especially true of supplements designed to give nutrients from green leafy vegetables, plants and grasses.

Getting Your Greens

The most affordable way to get the greens that your body needs for maximum health is to buy them and infuse them into your meals, creating your own shakes and smoothies with a high quality juicer capable of working with fine-veined leafy greens and grasses. Most people cannot consume the large quantities of greens that are needed for optimal health every single day, and taking the time to create your own smoothies and juices from greens is time consuming.

This is why supplements are now being embraced. High quality supplements such as Athletic Greens are able to concentrate large amounts of greens into shake supplements that are easy to consume. Just one shake a day could boost your energy levels and give a greater sense of well being.

There are many health and fitness supplements that are a waste of money because you could get the benefits they offer in other ways without spending the money on a supplement. Green shakes and supplements based on green super foods are completely different. Greens are needed for a healthy body that is protected at the cellular level, and the easiest way to consume them on a consistent basis is to use a high quality supplement.

Choosing Your Green Super Food Supplements

In order for green super foods to work effectively, you need to consume them on a daily basis in large quantities. Studies that research the benefits of consuming greens are typically based on participants consuming much larger quantities than most people can realistically consume through meals on a daily basis.

That is why the best supplements are shakes and smoothies that make it much easier to get the greens on the run. Even those with a super busy lifestyle that never slows down can take advantage of these supplements.

When looking for a green super food supplement, look for products that offer all of the following:

• Extremely high quality, nutrient-dense greens are chosen over cheap greens. You may pay more for this, but you will also get more value.
• Inclusion of other healthy ingredients, such as probiotics, minerals, and antioxidants.
• Trusted name brand that knows the market well.




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