Why Cows Eat Grass (and You Should Too)

Whenever someone says “hey” to get the attention of someone else or to greet another person, it is common to hear someone else say “hay’s for horses, aren’t you glad you’re a cow?”

This is more than an old joke that has managed to survive many generations. This is a very true statement that we all should pay attention to when it comes to dieting for health. Cows do love their green grass, but grasses are also one of the healthiest food sources for humans.

You are not going to walk out and collect grass from your front yard in a bucket. Leave that grass for the cows and take advantage of these other green super foods proven to enhance health for the two-legged creatures:

You can include all leafy green vegetables sold at your local grocery store or farmer’s market in this list. Anything green in color that grows naturally on the earth or underwater will have many of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that keep your body healthy.

The green color is created by chlorophyll, which has proven to enhance hemoglobin in the bloodstream. This is important because it increases the oxygen in the blood and that directly affects the health of all cells throughout the body. This is why so many people report a greater sense of well being and energy when they are routinely consuming large amounts of grasses and other green leafy food sources.

All of these green super foods can be turned into smoothies, shakes or even teas. This makes it easier to take in large concentrations of green goodness on a daily basis.

Green Foods in Daily Life

The grasses and leafy greens that you consume are different from the basic green grass that a cow would consume, and you don’t want to live solely off of grass. You don’t want to spend every day grazing to get the quantity of grass needed to nourish your body. You have too many other things to do!

This is why you need to mix algae, grasses and green vegetables into your well balanced diet. This is just one thing you eat every day because of the health benefits. It is something you consume each day to sustain your energy levels, deliver more oxygen to the blood for healthier cells, and to make sure all organs receive needed nutrients for proper functioning.

There is such a variety of green grasses available today that you don’t have to limit yourself to eating one grass or green plant all the time. Explore a variety of grasses and algae sources and look online for recipes. You should also look for products like Athletic Greens, which combine the green super foods your body needs into a convenient and easy-to-consume supplement. Rather than eating large salads with fresh grasses and other green vegetables, you can pop a high quality supplement or take a smoothie with you on a busy morning.

If you want to make this as convenient as possible, consider growing wheatgrass in your kitchen and purchase a high quality wheatgrass juicer. A shot of wheatgrass juice every morning will kick your body into high gear to face the day. Take your Athletic Greens or incorporate a green smoothie later in the day and you could even avoid that afternoon slump that leaves you unproductive and irritable.




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