Athletic Greens Vitamin D3 Review

Athletic Greens Vitamn D3 Review

D3 is a powerful vitamin. Not only is it one key to a healthy life and body, but it can make you happy as well. How many people talk or think about finding joy and peace in their daily life?

Certainly you have at some point in your life, right? Everyone has, and that is why everyone should learn more about Athletic Greens Vitamin D3 supplement.

Vitamin D is created in the skin when exposed to sunlight. It can also be created after exposure to artificial light, but it is most efficiently produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight. It’s the most effective of all D vitamins, and it comes directly from exposure to the sun. We hear a lot about the damaging effects of sun on the skin, but it does some good for us as well.

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Benefits of D Vitamins

Many people suffering from depression are encouraged by medical professionals to go out for walks on a daily basis. There is very good reason for this, and it goes beyond getting the blood pumping through the body. Exposure to sunlight and the resulting production of vitamin D stimulates the release of serotonin inside the body. This is often called the “happy hormone,” since it brings a lighter, happier mood naturally. This is good for everyone, depressed or not.

D vitamins also strengthen your immune system so you don’t get sick as easily. Even if you work with children and there are sick germs flying around all day long, you are less likely to pick up every little bug that goes around if you are getting adequate supplies of these vitamins.

The good news is you don’t have to soak your skin in sunlight to get maximum benefits from D vitamins. You can take use a supplement providing the most effective form of the vitamin on a daily basis. You still want to get out in the sunlight and generate the vitamin naturally, but the supplement will ensure that you get the vitamin D you need each day.

Is Athletic Greens the Best Formula?

Besides boosting the immune system and lifting your mood, there are some other benefits to getting your D vitamins from this brand:

  • Healthier bones
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower risk of disease and cancer

There are other vitamin D supplements on the market, but there are some benefits to going with the Athletic Greens formula. All ingredient s are completely natural and are designed to give your body what it needs to be healthy, and nothing more.

You don’t need supplements loaded with active ingredients promising to do a variety of things for your body. All supplements from this brand are focused to nutrients your body needs to function properly. This formula is focused directly on delivering the vitamin D you need to avoid illness and disease while feeling happy in your daily life. You won’t find many other ingredients in this formula, and that is what makes it great for your health.
D3 Ingredients








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Who Needs D3?

You will take in some D3 vitamins if you take a daily multivitamin. The Athletic Greens D3 formula is designed to deliver even more vitamin D for days that you do not get out in the natural sunlight for at least a half hour. If you are not exposing your skin to at least a half hour of direct sunlight each day, then your body is more than likely deficient in this vitamin.

Many people are scared to expose their skin to sunlight for long, since there is always the threat of skin cancer. Others find it difficult to spend time outdoors because of their work schedule, illness, or other factors of their lifestyle. These people will all do well to take a high quality D supplement. If you fit into these groups, then you may need to keep this on hand even if you are taking a daily multivitamin.

Even those with active lifestyles who spend a lot of time outdoors should have a good vitamin D supplement on hand. There will always be days when you just cannot get outdoors for a half hour to ensure proper production of this vitamin in your skin. On those days, you can fall back on your supplement.

If you cannot generate the vitamins you need naturally, then you have to provide them through a supplement. That is always better than developing a deficiency and leaving your body open to illness, disease and depression.




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  1. Wow this is great information and I look forward to trying it. If you are taking this do you still recommend taking a multi vitamin everyday as well, I mean you are going to be getting quite a few vitamins in this drink right so maybe the multi vitamin would be a waste of money until you aren’t taking the drink anymore.

    1. I definitely recommend a daily multi vitamin. There are other things you get from a vitamin that you may not get in this shake or any others

  2. I strongly recommend that everyone take a well balanced formula like this because it is filled with nutrients and antioxidants which are the key to a strong immune system. Ever since I started taking supplements like a multivitamin, I have not gotten a cold – even during winter – in a number of years. Before I started taking supplements, I used to get sick at least once a year.

    1. Kristy you have the right idea!

  3. I have got to try this I have been trying to learn as much as possible about health and wellness, what I should eat, how much and when I should exercise, even what kind of exercises. This is a whole other concept that I would like to try because it would be better than fasting I think. I am still unsure about that one, what is your advise?

    1. My advice (and I am NOT a doctor or nutritionist please keep that in mind)- fasting is not the way to go at all. Your body NEEDS food. Without food it actually stores fat and burns muscle.

  4. Kristy that is really good advice and your right we miss so much from not taking a supplement of some sort. This one seems to have a lot more qualities in it that would be beneficial that I think it is a given choice as to which one I will try first and foremost. Thank you for putting all this information together it looks great and you did a great job.

  5. I already get the base line necessary vitamins with some other supplements which I get rather cheap. What I am looking for are supplements that will help me burn excess belly fat more efficiently. Now, I don’t believe in spot reducing, so I am just looking for a supplement which can boost my metabolism and if it also includes those for the immune system, even better.

  6. I know that unless you live in Seatle or perhaps London or Antarctica, you will get a healthy does of vitamin D by just going out into the sun for 30 minutes or so a few days a week. But for those who insist on looking like vampires and / or are simply terrified not of burning into smithereens, but of getting skin cancer, then I guess these Athletic Greens will do the trick. Do they have other nutrients?

  7. Eugene, I have read the same articles about intermittent fasting that I imagine you have, but I am not quite sure that it is the best idea for a diet. I have considered doing this myself but I don’t want the next day for my body to hold onto everything I eat and end up turning it to fat. I don’t know if it is good for you or not but let us know.

  8. With organic and healthy eating movements going strong, it seems apparent to me that super green food supplements are becoming popular as they are a convenient way for an average person to have their daily dose of healthy greens. Most of the ones that I have seen (not really tried) are taken after mixing with water, saving lots of time.

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