Athletic Greens Omega 3 Review

Athletic Greens Omega3

Athletic Greens Omega3The name Athletic Greens has become extremely popular in the health and wellness industry, so it only makes sense that the brand would be start to expand with new products. One of the newest products to be released is its Omega 3 supplement. Omega 3 is typically supplemented through fish oil or cod liver oil, but Athletic Greens is now giving you a healthier, more natural alternative.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been studied vigorously by scientists, and doctors have been recommending them to heart patients for many years. While fish oil supplements hit the market with a big boom and received tons of attention from consumers in the beginning, many now worry about mercury contamination and the presence of other chemicals in some fish used for some supplements.

That is why it is now so important for market leading brands to be given more exposure. Consumers should know they have healthier, purer alternatives.

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The Athletic Greens Omega 3 Alternative

An established and household name based on all natural products with pure ingredients, it’s reputation continues with their new Omega 3 supplement. The biggest concern with fish oil supplements is that fish contaminated with mercury and other metals from the water will pass that contamination on when sourced for supplements.

In order to fix this concern and produce a superior product, they only sources small fish caught in the wild from the safest waterways. Their fish come from South America and are sourced through sustainable fishing strategies, so you could even say it’s environmentally friendly!

Going the extra mile, they allow an objective third party to inspect their sources and products to ensure purity. The result is one of the healthiest, purest sources of omega 3 fatty acids on the market today. That is what makes this particular Omega 3 a safe alternative to cheap, low quality supplements sold through many stores.

Who Needs an Omega 3 Supplement?

The original Athletic Greens supplement is more of a general supplement that can benefit anyone, and the new Omega 3 supplement is the same. Studies have proven so many benefits to taking omega 3 fatty acids that these supplements are being taken by a variety of people from all walks of life and with all different health and fitness goals. More than likely, there are multiple reasons you should be taking this type of supplement yourself.

Here is a short list of the benefits that bring many people to this new supplement:
  • Substantial protection for the heart.
  • Increased energy
  • Improved cognitive functioning and memory
  • Relief from disease-causing inner inflammation
  • Enhanced mood and general sense of well being
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol levels

Many people report that they simply feel better when they are taking high quality omega 3 supplements on a daily basis. For those with a heart problem, that greater sense of well being is icing on the cake, since they take their supplement to protect their heart and lower their chances of having a heart attack or stroke in the future.

It is safe to consume with most prescription medications, and is routinely consumed with other supplements. They are even considered effective supplements for many medications used to treat a variety of medical conditions. If you are taking prescription medications and are concerned that omega 3s may mix in a negative fashion with those medications, you may want to give your doctor a call before taking these supplements.

In most cases, your doctor will support the use of this supplement, since it is all natural and contains pure fatty acids from healthy fish found in the wild waters of South America.

A Brand You can Trust

If you know that you need to take a daily omega 3 supplement, or you are already taking one, why should you go with the Athletic Greens brand? It comes down to the security of knowing and trusting your brand. This brand is well known for providing safe, natural, and eco-friendly products. This gives you security of knowing what you put in your body will not do you any harm.

You will get all of the benefits from taking omega 3 on a daily basis, without the potential toxins that come with lower cost, lower quality products. This is a well supported and heavily researched supplement that doctors have been recommending for years. It just has a new manufacturer and a higher level of purity from this particular brand.

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