Efficient Ways to Incorporate a Green Smoothie into Your Life

green smoothies

You have been reading all about the health benefits green smoothies and may even have found a few recipes to figure out how to make a yummy one in your own kitchen. You are ready to make positive changes in your life and are interested in incorporating one of these yummy, green, super-shakes each day, but how do you do that?

Adjust the Frequency

You do not need to drink  three or four green smoothies every single day. There are many nutritionists and raw foods experts who advise more than one smoothie should be consumed each day. If that is too much for your life don’t worry about it. You can focus on getting in one smoothie most days, while slipping in an extra on days when you have more free time. Do not get so caught up with someone else’s guidelines that you end up consuming nothing at all.

One way to ensure you have time for your smoothie is to have it at the same time every day. Consuming one of these healthy, delicious treats becomes a part of your daily routine, so you drop the excuses and just make it when it is the right time. For instance, many people will drink a smoothie for breakfast each day.

Pack It Up

While it is best to drink your green smoothies while they are fresh from the blender, there is an alternative when you are more pressed for time than usual. If you put it directly into the refrigerator without allowing it to reach room temperature, it will stay good for a couple days. This allows you to make the morning shake the night before or to pack a smoothie for work. You can even consume your smoothie as you are running out the front door if you have to at times.

It is important to use a covered container to store your smoothies in the fridge. Put a piece of tape with the date stored so you know when it needs to be consumed before going bad. This will prevent you from wasting smoothie ingredients if some go bad.

Give It Variety

If your smoothies taste good and are not always the same, you will be more likely to remember them. They will become an enjoyable part of your day, rather than feeling like something you have to do to stay healthy. You can increase variety by changing up the types of fruits that you add into it. You may also add protein powder or other ingredients to increase the nutritional value you get out of each shake.

Back It Up with Salad

You can eat salads with fresh greens in place of a smoothie when it is convenient or you just want something different. The problem with doing this regularly is that you get less nutritional benefit from the greens when chewed. Many experts recommend doubling your serving of greens on days that you consume salad rather than shakes.

If you think about your lifestyle critically, you will find other ways to make sure you get your green smoothie in each day. It might be challenging when you first get started, but eventually it will just be something you do each day without much thought. That is when you will really start to enjoy the benefits.




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