What Is In a Green Smoothie?

Mmm Green Smoothie!

The term “green smoothie” has become very popular in health and fitness circles. You may hear this mentioned by a personal trainer or by a friend who is trying to lose weight or tone up.

What’s in one anyhow? It sounds like something super healthy and trendy, but seriously- what really goes into one? Can you believe that every shake is healthy as long as it has that green color? Keep reading to find the answers. The next time someone mentions a green smoothie, you will know exactly what they mean!

What Is In a Green Smoothie?

There are a variety of things that can go into one of these delicious and healthy shakes, and all ingredients do not have to be colored green. The term “green smoothie” comes from the fact that green vegetables are deeply colored and tend to take over the color of a smoothie regardless of what they are mixed with. This is why some green smoothies will be very dark green while others can be more of a lime green. The colors vary depending on the ingredients.

They get the green appearance from a variety of green leafy vegetables that are packed with fiber and a long list of nutrients needed for optimal health. Some green veggies often used include:

A variety of other greens can be used, including wild greens. Other lettuces that are more reddish in color are often thrown in as well. Many people try to purchase organic greens that have not been sprayed with chemical pesticides and fungicides, but if that is too expensive you can purchase regular greens and wash them thoroughly before eating.

In addition to the greens, you should add fruits into your green smoothie. This will give the smoothie some sweetness so it tastes better. You may even want to add in protein powder or other additives that will help you meet your health and fitness goals. These options are what will vary the shade of green you see.

It’s Green, but Is It Healthy?

If you make your green shakes in your own home, you know that it is completely healthy. You can control what goes into the mix, ensuring that added sugars and fats are not put in just for flavor’s sake. When you purchase one outside of your home you do not have that luxury. Many smoothies purchased at  juice bars do include sugary syrups rather than fresh fruit. This makes it less healthy than the ones you create at home for yourself.

You cannot assume that any smoothie with the green coloring is completely healthy. You have to consider the amount of greens put into the mix compared to the amount of other ingredients. You also have to consider how healthy the other ingredients are for your body. The only way to guarantee that everything is healthy is to get a juicer that works well with leafy greens and make them at home.

You will be able to find different greens in your local area at different prices throughout the year. Search out local farmers markets and consider growing your own greens to make juicing and smoothie making more affordable. You will immediately start to benefit from all the health advantages that come from consuming lots of green vegetables.




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