My Review of Athletic Greens

Are you looking for an easier way to lead a healthier life? To eat better, and have higher energy levels throughout the day? If so, then you’re just like me. The problem I have with all the advice on nutrition and supplements I find on the internet is that the way things are written it’s like you need to be a rocket scientist to understand anything!

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I’m not the type of guy who writes reviews or testimonials but I really wanted to share my experience and give you an in-depth review and I promise I’m going to keep it all as simple as possible!

I first heard about Athletic Greens when it was mentioned in the absolutely epic 4-Hour Body, by Timothy Ferriss. If you’re serious about getting your body in shape in the absolute shortest amount of time possible, then you owe it to yourself to check this book out. Anyhow- on to the review!


Well to put it simply, it is pretty much the mother of all supplements. It’s a superfood cocktail. Taking it daily will ensure you’re covering all your nutritional bases in a natural and healthy manner.  It’s a powder that replaces your multi-vitamin and mineral supplements, and that’s just the start.


Athletic Greens is the latest supplement fad, but it definitely lives up to the hype. It’s a so called Super Food that you take to increase your energy levels naturally and detox and it’s been getting a ton of international attention lately. And like you have probably already seen, it’s all over the internet in blogs and success stories of people who have apparently used it and felt fantastic.

I was a little skeptical and wasn’t sure that I’d seen any real proof that it works. I decided to put it to the test. What better way to find out the truth than to conduct my own personal study?

To get started I purchased a month’s supply of from their website.

Like I said, I was pretty skeptical to say the least, but after doing a little homework, I decided to give it a shot.

Here are the benefits they promise on their website:

  • Boosts your energy and metabolism
  • Acts as a super turbo charged booster for your immune system
  • Improves digestion
  • Detoxifies your body
  • Saves you time and money- no need for taking multivitamins, protein powders, antioxidants, laxatives
  • Helps your body absorb healthy nutrients
  • Immediate results like improved health, energy, and performance

My Results

After taking it for a couple of weeks I was totally surprised at the dramatic results. My energy level was WAY up, and I felt much sharper, an apparent side effect of the Athletic Greens.

I really felt awesome!

I didn‘t even change anything about my daily routine. I noticed dramatic increases in my  energy levels and I was actually sleeping more soundly than ever before. I was no longer waking up during the night and tossing and turning because my body was actually able to relax (this is a result of getting rid of the toxins I think).

I must admit I started to believe that this stuff was more than just a gimmick.

After another couple of weeks all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! I still have a ton of energy. I no longer get tired around 3pm in the afternoon! And I am even noticing that my stomach is digesting food so much better. No bloating or embarrassing gas after I eat!!

Given the results and the added health benefits I will continue to use this product indefinitely!

If you were only ever allowed to get one supplement, health food product, or even one thing to put in your mouth each day, then this would be it.

As I’m writing this, the manufacturer is still offering a 100% no risk, 60 day guarantee. They’re saying if it isn’t the best supplement you’ve ever tried, simply return the bottle (even if empty) for a complete, no questions asked, 100% refund of your purchase price. Now that’s the kind of stuff i love to hear!

Thanks for taking the time to read my review. I hope it helps you to make an informed decision.

You can buy it directly from the manufacturer’s official website by clicking the link below:

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  1. How much of this stuff do you have to take before you start to notice a difference? Does it have a flavor or is it chalky like some fiber mixes are? I’m really curious to try it but I know if it is nasty I won’t finish it. How long does it take to get in your system and really start making a difference in how you feel? Some of these things can take days.

  2. Hey Jessica,

    I get these questions a lot actually- it definitely takes a couple of days before you start to feel the effects. No more than a week though. You should notice a definite increase in energy and you’ll just feel healthier overall.

    As for the taste- not sure how to describe it? It tastes “leafy”- like a mix of different vegetables. I love the way it tastes personally.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and don’t forget to “like” the post 🙂

  3. This sounds like it would be good to try but I am not a big fan of powdered drink mixes. Is this a lot like a protein drink or something like that? I’ve heard a lot of those leave a film in your mouth that makes it feel chalky or dry. Do you know if this does that at all? I’m all for diet supplements that will actually work but I question everything now days.

    1. Brittany,

      Yes it’s like a protein drink in that you mix powder. I’ve tried lots of stuff and you are totally right some leave an icky film in your mouth or aftertaste.

      I guess it’s everyone’s individual taste that matters, but it tastes great to me -guess that’s why I started this website 🙂

  4. That is an interesting way to describe the flavor “leafy that makes me think of something that tastes like lettuce or cucumber. I think that could be manageable because I like vegetables but my husband doesn’t really do a lot of the vegetables that I do so I wonder if he would drink the shakes. I will get some and at least try it I guess.

    1. Ethel do it! Just one shake a day will give him SO many more times the amount of vegetables he’s eating now. Let me know how it goes!

  5. Having a drink that tastes leafy is a strange drink to say the least. I am not a big vegetable person so this is probably not the best thing for me to try and drink. Is there anything you can add to it that will make it better or are you just stuck with this flavor? Maybe if they had one that tasted like chocolate it wouldn’t be so bad.

    1. Actually it would probably be better if EVERYTHING tasted like Chocolate 🙂

      Not sure about what you could add- I guess you’d have to do a little experimenting

  6. I am not a shake drinker so is there any other form this might come in? I was thinking if you could put this in a tablet I could swallow those all day but those thick shakes I just can’t do. I want the benefits I just would like tablets instead of drinks. I tries the slim fast shakes and can’t do them either. Thank you for posting this, let me know about tablets please.

    1. Hi Marcella,

      I think as of now it’s just the shakes. Maybe you can write in to Athletic Greens and ask about a tablet form? They are super helpful. Go to and there is a way to write the manufacturer.

      Let us know how it goes!


  7. Ok I understand that you described this flavor as leafy but what exactly does that mean? I don’t go around chewing on leaves so I don’t know what a leaf tastes like, are you talking about maybe something like lettuce? I guess I could handle something that tasted like lettuce but I would be wandering why I don’t just eat a salad.

  8. Only the test of time will prove that Athletic Greens is not a fad. As more people continue to get results and sales continue to climb, this should become a mainstay for many people’s diet. I am a proponent of supplements, especially for busy people who can’t afford a personal chef and would rather spend their time working, achieving, learning. I am that sort of way, except when I work out, of course.

  9. Paula Bell you have answered a lot of my questions I appreciate that and the fact that you have left it all out there on the blog for us to read. I am excited to try this and see how it works or me. Thank you so much for all the information, do I have to purchase it from the web site or can you buy it in the stores?

  10. This is great and I can’t wait to try it, I did the slim fast thing for awhile and it just didn’t fill you up when all you had was one of their shakes. I hope that this one will work better because of the amount of protein and fiber that it might have in it. Thank you do much for the information I will get some order asap. Please post anything new coming out.

  11. I am seriously looking forward to trying this, I have been trying to lose weight and do the intermittent fasting thing but I think it might be easier to do two meals are shakes and then eat a regular meal. I don’t care how it tastes really as long as it will fill me up and keep me full. Does it help manage the cravings as well for something salty or sweet?

    1. Katherine- I am by NO means a doctor or nutritionist, but fasting is not the way to go ever. It’s all about eating the RIGHT foods and eating often (small portions). When you eat 5 or 6 small meals a day, you’re never full, and you’re never hungry. So yes- a good balanced diet will absolutely help with your cravings

  12. I have taken up running lately and the Gatorade just isn’t what I’m looking for after a lengthy run, after reading your post and the ingredients in this Athletic Green I am looking forward to trying it, or at least something like it. I want something that I can go to the store and pick up not something that I have to order. Thank you for the information I look forward to shopping this weekend.

  13. Paula I was reading your comment to Katherine and she is probably getting this intermittent fasting off of some well known nutritionist’s blog. It is starting to spread like wildfire and more and more people are finding that it boosts their metabolism and makes it easier to lose than it was before. I appreciate your honesty and wish Katherine success.

    1. I think everyone should do thr own research and see what works best for them. We are all different and our bodies react differently to different diets etc.

  14. I am like Tina except that I have already tried something very similar to this and it does work better at giving you that energy back after a lengthy run. Gatorade is ok for hydration but it doesn’t replace everything that you have just expended so this is by far a better option. Thank you so much for turning me on to this stuff it works great.

  15. I have heard about this intermittent fasting that Katherine was talking about but I am with you on this Paula I don’t think that is something that anyone should do, I was always taught that your metabolism slows down when it thinks you are starving and then when you eat something every bit of it stays with you, is that part true?

  16. I love this stuff and on top of that I take those raspberry ketones so together it seems like it is really helping me to get rid of the fat. You have done a terrific job on this article and the others I have seen so don’t stop posting new information. I look forward to your next post maybe it could be about specific exercises that really work.

  17. If this is something that helps detox your body just like other things does that mean that you will be going to the bathroom more so you should be somewhere that a bathroom is readily available to you? I like the idea of the boosting of the immune system and the added energy because I need that especially in the winter. Thank you for all the information.

  18. To add to what someone inquired about, from what I know, nutrients begin to assimilate within hours, but more importantly, it is the consistent ingestion of vitamins and minerals that yields the benefits of each nutrient to your body. So it’s important to take it daily and keep replenishing your supply so you don’t run out unexpectedly.

  19. This sounds like something I would like to try. I wonder if there are any sample packets. Then again, these types of nutrients can’t exactly prove anything if you were to take a 3 day supply. Antioxidants are things you need to take regularly.

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